Why our CBD Healing Balm is better!

Things matter, down to the details.



Not being able to find a powerful enough CBD product on the market was a pain in the neck.


Literally. Before our founder Morgan hired a team of chemists to start developing a formula for Atomix,  he was laid up on his couch for weeks at a time suffering from neck and back pain caused by XX.


Normally one for an active lifestyle, the change in his ability to go out and enjoy the sports he loved was causing him depression and spinning out into a bad cycle.


Luckily, Morgan knew some friends who knew friends and started working with a group of chemists to develop a formula that would allow him to reclaim his active lifestyle, creating a powerful CBD roll-on stick he wasn’t able to find anywhere else. 

Screen Shot 2021-07-09 at 12.20.49 AM.png

We believe that pain can exist on many levels, externally, internally, and psychologically. And while we’ve made efforts to help the physical discomforts we also donate a share of each sale to Find Your Anchor, a sucide prevention NPO.


Let the healing begin!

Feel it’s magic work faster than you can say bibbidybobbyboo!


Small but mighty, don’t take our word for it: